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Brakes repair

N&N Engine, we take pride in our integrity. We will never sell you only brake pads but we will also recommend the right components recommended by your auto manufacturer. Each vehicle varies where as the alloys used in brake pads and rotors are often very specific. Incorrect brake pads can mean significant damage to rotors and other vital parts. The expert technicians at N&N Engines will check to make sure your vehicle only receives the brake pads and components that are specifically engineered for it.

Diagnostic check

We’ll find and repair all car problems. We use the same diagnostic equipment you can find from manufacturers, making us your one-stop location for all your automotive needs.

Check Engine Light

Without the right equipment, you likely don’t know what your Check Engine Light means. A list of different things can make this light come on. Our tools can decipher what is happening with your car and tell you what work is needed. Don’t let your Check Engine Light freak you out; Call us at N&N Engines for peace of mind

Repair and Services

After we’ve determined the issues with your vehicle, our ASE-Certified technician will describe them in detail, and even allowing you to see them for yourself. Additionally, we will give you a cost estimate for repairs. You make the ultimate decision before we commence repairs.
At N&N Engines, we never settle for anything less than long-lasting repairs completed by our experienced technicians. Our service includes repairs and maintenance on cooling systems, power steering, exhaust systems, engines, and tires.


There is not a definitive way to predict a failure for your air conditioning system. However, when your car’s AC system needs service or repair, the right equipment and experience are important.
N&N Engines only uses expert, ASE-certified technicians and the latest tools and equipment for air conditioning service and repair. You cannot determine the source of a leak or diagnose a problem with the AC system without a thorough examination.

Electrical system

Our ASE certified technicians know your car’s electrical components and can quickly and effectively diagnose the problem. At N&N Engines, we take a serious, targeted approach to pinpoint the problem and minimize the cost of your repair to one of the electrical components. Meaning, time is not wasted doing guesswork on your vehicle and your wait in the lobby will be minimal, and that's why we come to you.

Drive train and Suspension 

The suspension system is the bridge between the engine and the power it generates to the wheels and the impact the road has on the vehicle. Movement and inertia create incredible forces on your car’s frame. Your suspension system balances the vehicle. An improperly maintained suspension system can create an unsafe vehicle and unsafe driving conditions for you, your family and other drivers.